Insurance Plan Participation

Horizon Healthcare participates in a wide range of healthcare plans. The practice participates in Medicare and some Medicare managed care plans, including the Advocate Medicare Shared Savings Plan. Horizon accepts assignment from Medicare. Horizon also participates in many commercial insurance plans as Horizon contracts through the Advocate Physician Partners, Ingalls Provider Group, and St. James Physician Hospital Organization.

Always check with your specific plan to be sure Horizon physicians are in your insurance plan network. For more information on whether Horizon physicians are available under your insurance plan, please call or visit your insurance carrier online to search your plan’s network for the Horizon Physician you chose to visit. Below are links to the search sites for the more popular carriers Horizon accepts.

If you need additional assistance in understanding your insurance plan, please call your plan customer service representatives. The number is located on the back of your insurance card.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or your Horizon invoice, please bring a current copy of your insurance card with you at the time of your visit and ask our front office staff for assistance.

Covered Services, Copayments, Referrals and Patient Responsibility for Payment


Horizon accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You are responsible for payment for services rendered to you by Horizon providers. You are responsible for understanding the services covered by your insurance plan, the network of providers serving your plan, your copayments and deductibles. If you have questions, our front office staff and our billing office staff will assist you.

Your copayment is due at the time of services. If you do not have your copayment, Horizon will make arrangements to reschedule your appointment.

If your insurance plan does not cover the entire allowable cost of your services, you are responsible for payment of the balance within 30 days after the insurance company finalizes processing of your claim. You will be billed for any balance on your account. If you have questions, please call our office at 708-957-6305 and ask to speak to a billing office representative who can assist you.

If you do not have insurance coverage and are a self-pay patient, you are responsible for payment. Horizon may offer self-pay patients a discount to aid in reducing the financial burden based on your specific circumstances. If you cannot pay at the time of services, Horizon may be able to assist you by setting up a payment plan depending on your circumstances. In each case your Horizon physician must agree with the plan for payment. A billing office staff can assist you upon request.

Most insurance plans require insurance company authorizations (referrals) for certain specialty services prior to service delivery. If a referral is not obtained, the insurance company will deny coverage of the service. Horizon providers and staff will process referrals for services ordered for patients that require referrals.